Tales from the Vineyard fairy dolls - Glera

Glera has a wonderful white patterned dress with grapes and bottles, a beige corduroy jacket and matching handmade Crown, glass charms a rusty tin label with flowers Pastry case wings and glitter lipstick and eyelashes xx

Handmade by me and signed with love

Additional details

  • Silver Bells
  • Sparkle Necklace
  • Hand felted bobbles
  • Handmade Corduroy Crown
  • Name based on an Italian white wine grape (sparkling)
  • Velvet flowers
  • Pastry case wings
  • Hanging
  • Height: 40cm
  • Wool hair

Price: £135.00Sold - I've found a home 

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Warning Decorative Item Only
Not For Small Children
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