Dear Chris,
Thank you very much for sending my button doll so promptly. Beautifully packed, Melissa arrived safely and I am delighted with her! She is indeed a work of art. Her beautiful dress and accessories, glitter shoes and fantastic hair make her a very special and stylish doll. The little extras of the lavender bag and lovely card from you all added to an exciting and joyful experience!

I will be keeping up with your website and who knows, I may once again be tempted to purchase another button doll.
Incidentally, Melissa’s face is beautifully done. When I look at her from a distance, she seems to have her eyes closed, but when I move closer her eyes are open!  This is very clever! 

Thank you for making these beautiful and unique dolls,
with very best wishes,
Name:  Elizabeth 26th February 2020

Location: Aberdeen


Hi Chris

Alice has arrived safely. She is beautiful. My collection is growing... they are all unique and so special.  I always look forward to seeing your new creations.   

Name: Lorraine   05th Feb 2020

Hi Chris,

My sister loved the Rosemary doll so much.

I wanted something special so thank you for making this lovely present for her.
Kind regards
Julie   086th January 2020

Location: Goole

Dear Chris,
Thank you so much for Ivy. She arrived in one piece and is absolutely beautiful. I love her!

I am sure I will be tempted again!!
Penny   13th December 2019

 Location: Florida USA
Dear Chris,
The girls have arrived safely and are beautiful.

Thank you very much,

Natalee    27th November 2019

Hi Chris , just wanted to thank you so much for the gorgeous doll - you are so talented! Such beautiful work . 

Might have to start a collection ! Thanks again 

Love Julia X.  24 November 2019

Location: Scotland

Testimonial: Today I took delivery of my 7th and 8th dolls. To say that I am delighted,  is an understatement. One of the dolls is a commission for Christmas. She is beyond perfect. Chris excelled the brief  and created a doll that I could never have imagined.  I’m simply gobsmacked. Thank you Chris.x
Name: Shelagh Campbell  14 Nov 2019

Location: Aberdeen

Testimonial: Hi Chris

Belle has arrived at her forever home where she will have pride of place every Christmas. She is beautiful and very special.
Name: Lorraine  06 NOV 2019

Location: Swindon

Hello Chris just received the Wanda brooch she is beautiful,particularly love the hair and pumpkin earrings. Will be wearing her with pride this Halloween and beyond. Thank you so much.

Name: Jane Groat

Hello Chris
All your gorgeous witches are off to new magical homes. So glad I got my choices. Well done you on such fabulous creations. We have finally had an offer accepted on a house so hopefully all my ladies will be moving soon.
Best wishes Susan  06th September 2019

Hi thank you so much for my namesake she is wonderful.  I will treasure her.
Best wishes Hazel   07th September 2019

Hi Chris,
Pauline has arrived safely. She is everything I’d hoped for and more. I am absolutely thrilled and I know her new owner will be too. I will get a picture of them both and forward it to you.

Thank you once again for a wonderful and very personal service.


Shelagh.x  04th June 2019   Six little Fairy dolls live with Shelagh

Hi Chris,
Peggy has arrived safely and is absolutely gorgeous! From her beautiful hair down to her so cute boots well she is just perfect! Thank you!! She is my 4th button doll, I know I'm very lucky! I said to my husband that each one has a name that means something to me which makes them even more special.
Again thank you for making them and parting with them

 Name: Love Linda xx   05th February 2019

Maisie has arrived. Another beauty. Put a smile on my face. Merry Christmas.
Name: Lorraine  17th December 2018

Location: Douglas 
got rose ok I have 12 button dolls I love them more  next year, happy Christmas to all Julie Cain  xxxx

 Name: Julie  Cain 06th December 2018

June my Wild Flower Herb Fairy Doll arrived safely to her new home.
She is beautiful. She has pride of place on my kitchen wall. Thought appropriate because my birthday is in June.
Name: Lorraine,   Aberdeen   06th December 2018

Location: Douglas
thank you Chris for my Christmas button doll have a good Christmas love Julie Cain xxxxx
29th November 2018

Hi Chris
Olive has just been delivered and she is gorgeous. The charms are just beautiful, the details like the gingerbread men on her shoulders, all those hearts on her beautiful dress, well I am over the moon with her, thank you so much! My birthday is 3 weeks today so I will carefully repack her til then, I am being good but also sensible as our bathroom is being gutted and rebuilt and no matter how hard I try the dust is everywhere! Annie also well protected. I cannot wait to see the great aunt dolls (I am a great aunt several times over!), Shirley very excited too!!
Again many thanks,

Love Lindaxx  14th November 2018

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