Advent fairy dolls - Evangeline

Evangeline is a very happy advent calendar fairy doll with the dates on her crisp white dress, on her pocket each day you can attach an advent wooden tile, held in place with a peg. Her necklace and earrings make her sparkle and her candle pan wings reflect light.

Signed by me with love

Additional details

  • Bells / necklace and earrings
  • Vintage velvet flower
  • Candle pan wings / rusty handmade wand
  • Sparkle petticoat
  • Bag of wooden tiles and pegs to attach the number to the pocket each day
  • Charms and gems
  • Hanging
  • Height: 40cm

Price: £135.00Sold - I've found a home 

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Warning Decorative Item Only
Not For Small Children
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