September 1st, 2023

With a final florish and the abundance of Autumn colours xx

Hi and a huge thank you, what lovely customers you all are, your orders and feedback fill my heart xx  We are working on the our next collections and there will quite a few pointy hats !! cosy woolly hats and lots of felt Autumn leaves xx

Keeping dry in your own wigwam house xx

Lovely words xx

Norma in a very special dress xx

A special visitor right outside the window xx

                                                                                                               Lots of love

                                                                                                                       Chris xx

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Comments (2)

Susan - September 1st, 2023 12:16pm
Lovely dolls for the collection. Pointy hats. There's a clue. It definitely feels like autumn early morning. Lots of autumn colours too in my garden. The Fireworks Solidago are just erupting. Beautiful yellow flowers and on a golden day!!!! Sx

Pauline - September 1st, 2023 7:01pm
Looking forward to the new collection Chris. Hopefully I’ll be able to add one to my ever growing beautiful collection.

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