November 4th, 2016

We are here at last .......

getting ready for my favourite time of the year .......

Everything slowly changes from the wonderful autumn colours the reds and greens of Christmas, I am busy looking at recipe books to try something new for everyone, at each turn there are things to tempt. I favour a very traditional Christmas, actually I don't think I have gone passed the 50's. I found some lovely retro fabric with Santa and Reindeer
can't wait to make fairy dresses out of this. So back to the planning..... There are a number of Christmas fairies ready and they will be on the website very soon, we are just finishing Angel fairies for tree toppers and some very colourful ballerinas. Our first Christmas fair is at the Farnham Maltings at the end of November, the girls will have their debut and they are very excited about this.... have a good weekend all    love from the fairy house xxx

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