October 2nd, 2019

The wonderful colours of Autumn

and the season starts to change xxx

xxx  Rusts and oranges are everywhere, this year they seems to be in abundance... it is nearly time to pop over to The Pumpkin display at Slindon, Sussex, every year they have a gorgeous show, and you can buy the lovely pumpkins for a little display at home. 

This week was our first photo shoot for the new ladies and it went well, they all behaved themselves... lipstick and glitter all shining.  We are getting on well, and are on schedule for our big Ch..........mas launch which I am so excited about. 

Just a watering can with little branches ... so lovely xxx                      Our advert in the November issue always exciting xxx

a very favorite WITCH

                                                                                                                    lots of love
                                                                                                                    Chris xxxx

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mrs cain - October 6th, 2019 12:10pm
it is cold now time for pumpkin soup . good blog have a nice week j cain

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