September 6th, 2016

The story of the making of happy Witches

There was a time ...................................

..... not so long ago in Sussex where there was an idea for four happy Witches, they would have pretty dresses and lovely hats, with sparkling eyelashes and lipstick, jewels, charms and sequins, stars and happy dust, they all shared a very crooked house with four lovely gentle cats. They would argue over who was to have the mirror first, but only in a kind way this was just to make sure they were beautiful and ready to take flight after dark. 


So one day a lady sat down at her sewing machine with a large piece of lovely calico cloth and started to bring them to life.

First the hats and then the dresses, petticoats and overcoats (for those cold autumn nights ).... and a book of spells, they also needed cosy boots as it can very cold flying around, on their Big night out. 

happy flying
lots of love from Wanda and the girls xxx

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Jill - September 6th, 2016 3:26pm
Lovely story from wands and girls hope they have plenty of layers happy flying ladies

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