June 20th, 2019

... our first little fairy doll Snowdrop has flown over the Ocean to the USA

and to celebrate this my American Piller rose has come into full bloom xx

I am pleased to say the trims and embellishments have started to arrive for the Christmas collections, did not want to say the word, but we need to get ready for the months ahead, sewing and dressing our lovely fairies  ......... So think of me in the heat covered in tinsel, glitter and ribbon he! he! can't wait. Cottage Garden and City Life fairy dolls are well on their way, jewellery has just arrived for the Cottage garden girls little necklaces with dried flowers in pendents and ribbon.

Peony                                                                     Freida

                                                                                                                             lots of love

                                                                                                                 have a great weekend

                                                                                                                              Chris xxx

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