December 7th, 2017

"Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree "......... so goes the song

Everything down from the loft and off we go..... really that many sets of lights  ????? and as my sister is here they were perfectly packed away last year. I am  a traditional red and  green Christmas person and like you have decorations going back for years. One year when my niece was about 3-4  we made decorations for the tree I cut out shapes trees, snowmen and hearts and she wrote the names of each family member in her beautiful naive childlike writing and we hung them on the tree, these still go on the tree and she is now a very grown up young lady. We have just been to get the tree and I can't wait to decorate, so this weekend Christmas comes to town and there will even be a little tinsel in Twig studio.

                                                                                Have a great weekend and wrap up warm
                                                                                                              lots of love
                                                                                                              Chris xxxx

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