August 25th, 2022

It's all about the girls

.... and sneaky peeks xx

As the year is going along, the new ladies will be here next Friday the 02nd September (I will send a short email next week,) there will be Festival fun, Pamper handbags and shoes, Pamper shopping and Vintage simplicity designs xx

I am also getting ready for the Witching season... broomsticks taping and practice runs abound ... with very special Harris Tweed pointy hats, pink and orange what do you think ? xx

Festival party fun xx

Harris tweed with millinery flowers xx

All waiting for their lace trim xx

Pamper shopping fairy dolls xx


                                                                          Lots of love

                                                                            Chris xx

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Comments (5)

Mary Coffey - August 26th, 2022 11:27am
The dolls are beautiful .

Juliana Sheehan - August 26th, 2022 12:13pm
How superb. I must get online early!!!

Sally Timpson - August 26th, 2022 3:40pm
Love the witches hats!


Susan - August 26th, 2022 5:56pm
All looking fantastic as usual. Harris Tweed witches hats - very different!. Scottish witches. ! Sx

Zandra - August 29th, 2022 2:13pm
Love the hats Harris tweed is a favourite of mine flowers set it off really well.
Looking forward to the new collection

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