December 6th, 2019

Hi there, Chief Elf writing the blog this week ....

... Fairy Maker off decorating the house xxx

I wanted to chat about stuffing (not the edible kind) it is my job is to stuff legs and heads which I get in bags from the Fairy Maker (she does the arms and bodies) and I have huge bags of stuffing and something that resembles a toasting fork to get it into all those corners, they then go back to the Fairy Maker who inspects them and they wait in a box for the whole assembly to start. It very funny seeing boxes of legs and heads, but great as they come to life.

We have an advert  in the January Country Living  magazine the excitement over here is always the same when Fairy Maker sees the girls in print xxx

Cathy with Lewis and Irene fabric and a pompom hat xxx               Christmas cake,Mum's favorite recipe xxx                              

                                                                                                         have a great Christmas

                                                                                                          love from the Chief Elf

                                                                                                  (Fairy Maker back next week)

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