November 8th, 2019

Heirlooms and Ballerinas


we have added our gorgeous Ballerinas and new Heirlooms, and would love your feedback ...... As the garden starts to slow down I am watching the Dahlias daily  they are a very good indicator of frost, and I have noticed a real lack of interest from the cats in going out too early.... in fact they were all in at 7.30pm last night.... The big season is around the corner and thank you all so much for your keen interest in our Christmas ladies, I am going to make brooches this weekend, post some very special orders and then.... start on the Christmas cake and I really want to try a cake in my Bundt tin Mum gave me, it has high mountains and a train around the bottom ..... I will keep you posted with pictures if it works out xxxx 


                                                                                                 keep warm this weekend

                                                                                                               lots of love


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