September 11th, 2018

Halloween witches .....

hubble bubble xxx

We are very pleased to have special advert in the October issue of the Scottish Field magazine, what a lovely magazine it is.  The little Witches are coming along, last thing to work on is their pointy hair and of course the glitter lipstick and lashes, no Witch would be complete without these on her big night out.
Last weekend we popped over to the Findon Sheep fair, what a great day, who knew there were so many different types of sheep, there were all sizes and they were gorgeous, we met two very handsome Donkeys, charming old boys who have been on my social media accounts for quite a while now xxx

Carousel                                                                                                                        Punch and Judy

                                    here is one of the old boys Darren

                                                                                                                    lots of love to all



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