April 3rd, 2020

Friday blog is here again

and this week a little different xxx

This week I was thinking we all need cheering up, so would really love you to email pictures of your garden growing, plants in pots on a balcony or window sill, all to remind us summer is coming .... with it lots of sunshine I hope. If I get enough pictures I will get them all in our blog next week..... email:  chris@buttondolls.co.uk   I have been knitting again this week ....some may say it is becoming and obsession (I really don't know what they mean)
just getting ahead he! he! Below I have some beautiful fabric from the lovely family run company Empress Mills est 1927.

Little reminders of the magic of Easter with Pansy and Hazel, and not to forget fritillaria imperialis week 2 and growing very well.

lovely fabric  xx                                                                                                         dear little Pansy xx

dear little Hazel xx                                                                                                   fritillaria imperialis week 2 xx
                                                                                                                lots of love and hugs

                                                                                                                          keep safe

                                                                                                                          Chris xxx

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Valerie Jeffery - April 3rd, 2020 3:15pm
Love little Pansy, Chris - especially the hairstyle, bolero, and dress material. Monty looks so content in your previous blog. Have you ever made finger puppets, Chris. Some children particularly like them and they are very handy extra surprises for Christmas stockings!

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