June 7th, 2024

Do you love the colour Orange ?

Our new ladies are due on the 21st June and there are lots of abstract flowers, we have a special collection to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D day, some more Land girls and the WI are mentioned, floral padded gardening trousers, soft baby corduroy florals and denim blue dresses, with our signature hats or a colorful sweater xx

Perfect Geum xx

Monty in a flower tutu xx

Lorraine with a beautiful brooch xx

                                                        Alstroemeria the perfect cut flower xx

Peachy pink rose called Jill after the Chief Elf xx

                                        Lots of love  Chris xx

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Susan - June 7th, 2024 9:00pm
I love Geums. Such delicate flowers and a range of colours. Strong winds have brought down leaves and damaged plants. My Lavenders are blooming so picking soon. Looking forward to the new collections. Sx

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