January 25th, 2019

Coats and knitted wings nearly ready xxxx

This week we having been stuffing, painting, knitting and all things fairy dolls, at one point the chief stuffer disappeared in a haze of white fluff. The new collections of fairy dolls will all have boots to keep then warm, painted by my own fair hand, I hope you are going to like them. The picture below of Monty was taken just before his tea time, do you think he was trying to tell me something ? xx. My garden is coming along all those little shoots coming through reminding us of the life just around the corner.

Monty hinting he is hungry xx (I know whats in this box) x               dear little Ida with her pink ceramic brooch xxx
                                                                                                                         Bye for now

                                                                                                                          lots of love

                                                                                                                            Chris xxx

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Valerie Jeffery - January 27th, 2019 1:13am
I like little Ida , Chris - really sweet! My snowdrops out front bloomed for New Year and there are now pale mauve fragile type crocuses out back along with other greenery coming up everywhere, and the honeysuckle has a lot of green leaf all over it. Other trees are showing slight signs of green as buds try to join in! I think everything is encouraged through the ground early by all the penetrating sunshine during the summer and autumn these days. Love to pussies xxxx

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