September 30th, 2016

Christmas sewing begins ........

The start of the Christmas Fairy Dolls, Elves and Mr and Mrs Claus x

One of my favourite times of year is Christmas, I love the baking and the decorating and the old fashioned silly games which make us laugh uncontrollably (who would know I have such a family of card cheats :). One of the best things is getting the tree, the four cats love this, lots of new smells and such fun chasing the twigs. My Christmas starts fairly early with the Fairy Dolls as I need to get ahead with them to get them ready for their new forever homes . So this weekend I will start, having gone from the Happy Witches in their beautiful oranges and greens, purples and reds. To the wonderful green and red sparkle and glitter and even a little retro fabric with very cool Reindeer's.

have a great weekend love chris  xxx

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