May 24th, 2024

Chelsea chop time xx

Good morning, we are here in sunshine today, and I have put together my little Chelsea pictures, as yes you can guess I have been watching it on the TV and if you have been following the show this week Monty mentioned the Chelsea chop

which I tried last year on my hardy geraniums and it worked very well xx

Rich dark pink hardy geraniums xx

Very full xx

                                    Dear little Paula in the most gorgeous turquoise sun hat xx

Down the path xx                                                                                             Enjoy the long weekend                                                         Lots of Love xx


           What a colour xx

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Susan - May 24th, 2024 2:59pm
I have done the "Chelsea Chop on my white flowering currant. Its just gone wild after all this rain. my geraniums are flowering now but the peonies are still in tight buds?
Not caught up with Chelsea yet.
Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend Chris. Sx

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