May 10th, 2024

As the garden warms up xx

Our old friends are back again for another Summer in my garden, I just love it, and there are always surprises which is such a joy.  In a very complicated world the simple return of a plant or one that has decided you have the right space for it to grow and bloom it astounds me every-time xx  I have a few garden pictures and a sneak peek of a fairy  from next week ( 17th May )collections of the English Country xx

The stumpery garden is it's own little world xx

A sneak peek xx

This is Dorothy with her flower bucket xx                                                     ..and how handsome are these chaps xx

                                                                      See you next week

                                                                                  lots of love   Chris xx

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Susan - May 10th, 2024 5:02pm
Its always nice to see photos of your garden and I do like Sam. The sunshine has brought out many flowers with colour everywhere. Beautiful lilacs, azaleas, rhododendrons and just the odd tulip hanging in there. Soon be time for the hanging baskets.
Wont have to wait too long for the new ladies !!!

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