May 12th, 2023

A Profusion of beautiful colour

Mr Rabbit popped up to see what was happening xx

And here he is with the new girls getting in on the action, I asked Andrew the photographer to take some extra pictures this time of the garden unfolding and they are beautiful xx

                       Tina here in her floral tractor print dress xx

                       ...and her friend Sybil in her Stitchy bird print dress xx

                                                                        Lots of love
                                                                             Chris xxx

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Comments (2)

Linda - May 12th, 2023 12:09pm
Oh my goodness Chris! The girls get more and more beautiful 😍 xx

Susan - May 12th, 2023 5:10pm
Garden looking lovely. A super collection of nice looking ladies to admire. Gorgeous fabrics Sx

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