April 21st, 2023

A huge thank you xx

I am so pleased and blessed to have such great support and customers thanks again xx The picture below is from our very first photo shoot, her dress was orange with a lovely Indian designed boarder and she became our signature fairy doll (poster girl)... and that hair, gorgeous !


                   I tried to think of old fashioned bakes for the Coronation weekend and jam tarts won the

                           day ... I found this jam, The Kings Coronation Berry & Apple Preserve so that sealed it xx


                         Emily in her cosy coat xx                            Lots of Love

                                                                                               Chris xx

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Susan - April 21st, 2023 4:14pm
It must be so gratifying and rewarding for you to have such tremendous support from customers who just love your dolls.
My WI is having a Coronation supper - baked potato with coronatine chicken followed by trifle or apple tart and guess what I will miss it as I am on holiday in beautiful Northumberland.
I have found Coronation English Damson Jam so any more specials out there?
And yes that hairstyle has a real buzz to it. Sx

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