July 15th, 2020

A beautiful quote

I came across this on my Instagram feed xxx

This week I have tea dyed some musical note fabric for wings for fairy decorations, I love the soft gentle colour  you get with this process, and have been cutting out coats for Santa's, the Witches wonky brooms have also arrived.... its all go !!
There are scarves to knit and more little hats, and a new collection of Art dolls, this time highlighting the Bloomsbury Group with arts and craft charms, I hope you love them  xxx  

                                    Clare and her best friend xx

Lots of colour xx

Lolly pops and sunshine with Norma and Thelma and of course bunting xx

                                     Sparkle and Lemons with little Lotty xx


                                                                                                                   Lots of love
                                                                                                         have a great weekend
                                                                                                                     Chris xxx

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Comments (2)

Tracey Nicholson - July 17th, 2020 2:03pm
Love reading your weekly blog...your garden and cat photos make me smile, and I look forward to seeing your fabulous creations! Take care xx

Susan - July 17th, 2020 7:29pm
A very poignant quote!.
Witches wonky brooms. Getting excited. Also new Art Dolls! Very into the art and craft s movement so look forward to seeing the dolls. Sx

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