March 27th, 2020

A beautiful Camelia

from my lovely Mum's garden last year xxx

I have had this with me since last April and have waited to see if it had been happy with the move, imagine my delight when it came into bud and then these wonderful blooms ... all 7 of them..... Mum would be so pleased.

So this week I have been cutting out legs, bodies etc .... and as you can see from the picture helped along with my trusty tea mug and ginger biscuits in tow. I have 3 collections on the go and thank you to my fab customers for some great names and style ideas, really they were amazing.

Trusty mug xxx                                                                                                          Monty having a doze xxx

Little Rosie below went off to her new beautiful home and look how gorgeous she looks.. enchanting xx

Rosie in her new home xxx                                                                                  Frida in green with lace xxx

                                                                                                                      Keep safe

                                                                                                                     lots of love

                                                                                                                       Chris xxx

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